Revision-SRO Silkroad Online Private Server
Friday Server time 9:00 PM
Server Status: Offline
Players: 2 / 2000

Hotan: dummy
Jangan: dummy
Bandit: dummy

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08/01/2020 Revision-SRO

08/01/2020 Revision-SRO Genral Info by Revision-SRO Admin
Mastry skill: 220 EU&330 CH Balanced
Fortress War: Hotan&Jangan&Bandit
Ip Limit:5
Max Plus : +12 Without adv & with adv B +14 & With Adv E +17
Server:Pve & PVP
Egy A & Egy B Items
Old school but with some simple edits
free silk Per Hour
New Jop Suits
New Emotes and Emojis System
New Plus System now u can make Max plus so easy
New Quests For special Items
have fun Guys

08/01/2020 Update Ver 1.229 by Revision-SRO Admin
Updates Info :


*We added new featurs just w8 for more info becaucs im so busy and cant make right now but don't worry if u have any question just sent to me in our FB *I hope last Update be OK


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08/11/2018 Update Ver 1.227 by Revision-SRO Admin
Updates Info:


--Added New Avatars
--Added Remove Advanced
--Added Remove Durability
--Fixed some Bugs
and w8 more Updates
HF & GL guys
if u have any idea about game just pm me in facebook and i will check it :)


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